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By Jenna McKnight

ISBN-10: 0060549289

ISBN-13: 9780060549282

ISBN-10: 0061248967

ISBN-13: 9780061248962

Jenna McKnight dazzles with a romantic comedy that includes a lady who has been despatched again from heaven to "do anything fairly important". . . if she does not get distracted by way of the very attractive Jackson Murdoch first! Lilly Marquette does not want angels to inform her it is not her time. in the end, she's now not even thirty. yet whereas trying out the tremendously sizzling man in the back of the counter of a "toy" store, the furnace blows, and poof, Lilly is headed for the pearly gates! yet rather than St. Peter, she's greeted by way of. John and Elizabeth? those mum or dad angels are giving Lilly one final probability to get it right.and to ultimately opt for the suitable guy. Jake Murdock is sizzling, horny, and he will also be the proper guy, yet he desires not anything to do with Lilly He believes she stole 3 million cash from him in an coverage rip-off, and now he is gazing helplessly as she offers away his funds! And the extra he attempts to forestall her, the extra she is going on approximately angels making her do it. His brain could be on revenge, but if she bats these lengthy horny lashes at him, it all of sudden does not look so vital anymore. no longer while he has an opportunity to teach her that theirs is a keenness that comes just once in an entire life.

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She sashayed up the walk to her back door ahead of Jake, who was carrying three plastic grocery bags in each hand. Lilly, with one bag in each, enjoyed the play of muscles in Jake's arms, then admired his long legs as he took the porch steps two at a time. She'd followed him around the grocery store for over an hour, irrevocably charmed by the magnitude of his patience with Susannah, who inspected every ingredient label and advised him on what he should and should not buy when he shopped for himself.

The doorbell rang. " "Girl, if you don'tmake serious lip contact, I doubt you'll be able to tie him to the bed. " Betsy held a red purse out like a flag. Lilly nabbed it on her way out the bedroom door, checking to make sure her checkbook was in it on her way down the stairs. The darned thing was never where it was supposed to be, slowing her down like a series of speed bumps in her path to the poorhouse. Once she'd even found it under Mooch; you'd think it was his the way he'd hissed at her for taking it back.

What? " "Cute, I'll have to remember that for the cat door. " "Sure. Welcome to the pervert's house. " Lilly inched inside, her gaze raptly taking in everything. Jake was so accustomed to it all that he forgot the impact it had on 36 / 112 visitors the first time, until he had to drag her in so he could close the door. He held her hand longer than necessary and squeezed it lightly before he released it, thinking it was a good first step toward letting her know that he knew he'd been wrong about her.

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