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By Laurell K. Hamilton

ISBN-10: 0345435273

ISBN-13: 9780345435279

I'm Princess Meredith, inheritor to a throne–if i will remain alive lengthy sufficient to say it. My cousin, Prince Cel, is set to determine that I don’t. so long as we either stay, we're in a race for the crown: Whichever considered one of us reproduces first will get the throne. So now the boys of my royal shield– scary warriors expert with blade, spell, and gun–have develop into my fans, auditioning with excitement for the function of destiny king and father of my baby. and so they needs to nonetheless defend me from assassination attempts–for not like many of the fey, i'm half human, and extremely mortal. All this royal back-stabbing makes it very tricky for me to pursue my dwelling as a personal investigator in l. a., specifically because the media made convinced the entire global understands the Faerie princess is alive and good in sunny California.Now, within the urban of Angels, everyone is death in mysterious, scary methods. What the human police don’t become aware of is that the killer is searching the fey besides. Havoc lies at the horizon: the very lifestyles of where referred to as Faerie is at grave chance. So now, whereas I benefit from the maximum pleasures of my lifestyles with my guardians, i have to fend off an old evil that may break the very cloth of fact. And that’s simply my day task. . . .From the darkling throng to the glittering court docket, it is a global of magic and delights, greed and gruesome objectives. Laurell okay. Hamilton has created a mythos of maximum strength and natural attractiveness that may be a pride to behold.

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You are a princess of the sidhe. \" I took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and tried not to respond to the heat in his words. Getting angry at Doyle never seemed to accomplish anything. I was a princess, but that didn\'t give me much clout; it never had. I didn\'t so much call my magic, as drop the shields I had to put in place so that I wouldn\'t travel through my day seeing mystical sights. Human psychics and even witches usually have to work at seeing magic, other beings, other realities.

Rhys looked away, his blush darkening to a bright, deep red. \"Yes, look away, as we\'ve all had to look away over the centuries,\" Doyle said. Rhys\'s neck turned slowly, as if every muscle had gone suddenly tight with anger. Last night he\'d had a gun in his hands and he hadn\'t been frightening. Now, just sitting on the edge of my desk, he was frightening. He did nothing; even his hands were loose in his lap, just that terrible tension in his back, the set of his shoulders, the way he held himself as if he were a blink away from some terrible physical action --something that would rip the room apart and paint the sparkling glass with blood and thicker things.

I didn\'t even really want the throne; but I wanted to rule, to rule and try to make things better. And, of course, that very desire was probably my blind spot, and the beginnings of corruption. To think I knew what would be better for all the Unseelie. How terribly arrogant. I started to laugh. I laughed so hard, I had to sit down on the floor. I held the bloody knife and watched the two guards gaze down at me, worried looks on their faces. Rhys wasn\'t glowing anymore. Kitto touched my arm, gently, as if afraid of what I\'d do.

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